is an L.A.-based designer specializing in print and book design. Currently working on: a redesign of X-tra Quarterly and book of Asher Hartman plays for Machine Project.


Rachelle Rojany


Two artist books, die cut into a triangle and half-circle, designed for artist Rachelle Rojany. The signatures are interchangeable, and each book can be read in either direction. 64 pages.

Digital print, die cut, smyth sew


People are a Light
to Love

Veronica De Jesus / 

Rite Editions


A catalogue of "memorial drawings" by Veronica De Jesus. The drawings were made between 2004 and 2016, and years are notched with descending round marks, functioning as a printed thumb index. 268 pages. Published by Rite Editions.

Offset litho, foil stamp, smyth sew,
gatefold cover


Corrina Peipon


Corrina’s account of hiking the John Muir Trail, illustrated with her photographs from the hike. HYOY stands for “hiking your own hike.” Published by The Pit. 16 pages.

Risograph, saddlestich