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⇄ 2021–2022 Annual Catalog (18th Street Arts); ↷ Mashinka Firunts Hakopian’s The Institute for Other Intelligences (X Artists Books); ⇝ Cammie Staros: House of the Muses (Pitzer College Art Galleries) ⇶ CriticalProductive (MIT Press) w/ Commonwealth Projects; and ↬ Pau Pescador’s they/them, they/she, she/they (Campbell Hall)

Digital Art at Pitzer College   ↳ 2D Design at Pomona College

Alexis Smith: The American Way 2022

Exhibition catalogue for Alexis Smith’s late career retrospective at the MCA San Diego. Edited by Anthony Graham. Co-published by MCA San Diego and Scala Publishers.


Ruth Asawa: All is Possible 2022

Edited by Helen Molesworth, this catalog spans Asawa’s disparate artistic practices and contextualizes them with seven new essays. Published by David Zwirner Books. Designed for Commonwealth Projects. Photos by Madison Carroll, courtesy David Zwirner Books.


X-TRA Contemporary Art Journal 2018–

Print design and logo for X-TRA Contemporary Art Journal. X-TRA publishes criticism, reviews, interviews and original artist projects—in print and online at


Mad Clot on a Holy Bone 2020

Three complete works by artist, playwright and intuitive Asher Hartman.

Includes essays by Janet Sarbanes and Lucas Wrench, and a conversation between Hartman, Mark Allen and Tim Reid. Edited by Mark Allen and Deirdre O’Dwyer. Published by X Artists’ Books.