Digital Art Resources

Aaaaarg.failWiki for art, design and technology
CabinetArt, culture, esoterica magazine
Contemporary Art DailyArt exhibition images
Creative IndependentOnline magazine on creativity
E-FluxArt writing and reviews
Futuress.orgFeminism + Design + Technology
hallointer.netArchive of interesting webdesign
https://textz.comCurated selection of texts
Modes of CriticismDesign criticism
Printed MatterArtist Books
Printed Matter YouTube ChannelBookmaking how-tos and history/discussions
readings.designWriting on design
The Public Domain ReviewArt, historic
RhizomeDigital art incubator
Rhizome / ArtbaseArchive of digital art 1999 to present
The Serving LibraryWriting on design and technology
Triple CanopyArt, design, literature online magazine
What's Next?Writing on contemporary art
Information is BeautifulInfographics
The GradientWalker Museum Design Blog
Brutalist WebsitesContemporary web design
Cooper HewittCooper Hewitt Museum collection